Mission and values


Our School Creed

"We believe that to achieve we should be respectful and honest, have pride in our uniform and school and take an interest in school activities. Always try our best and not be satisfied with less. If we do this, with god to guide us, we are sure to achieve- Success with honour."

Our school creed has been an important tradition in our school for many years and is recited as part of our assembly each week.

Our Shared Vision- Success with Honour

At Everton Park State School we have a shared belief that every student can learn. We are committed to ensuring that every day; every student takes another step forward in their journey of lifelong learning. We have an inclusive curriculum in which all students are working towards common year level goals. We acknowledge individual learning needs and learning styles and shape our curriculum to foster individual growth. We believe that success is best achieved through a collaborative, evidence based approach within a no blame culture where teachers assume high accountability for individual student achievement.

Improving Student Achievement

We strive to be a knowledge driven school aiming to use and organise data into meaningful information. The real breakthrough in increasing student achievement is transforming data into knowledge. This knowledge only becomes powerful when it transforms practices that target individual learning needs.

We have a needs based approach to resourcing. In this sense, needs is not defined as the students who are achieving at the lowest level, but rather needs relates to the amount of support required for individual students to achieve to their full potential. This may mean that a student who is achieving ‘A’s may receive as much individualised attention as a student achieving ‘D’s.

Our teachers create classroom environments in which all students are expected to learn successfully and they are well supported in their endeavours to do this. We set high expectations for all students to consistently work to their full potential. Teachers also set goals and targets for individual students, groups, cohorts and their whole class and use these aspirational targets to create a differentiated classroom. As a school we hold high expectations for all students, for behaviour and academic achievements.

School Resources

A large proportion of our school budget is allocated to supporting student learning. Our teacher aide and resource allocation reflects our philosophies and beliefs around student learning. We make a conscious decision to give our younger students additional aide time, with prep classes getting the largest allocation across the school. Students are able to take ownership and become more self-directed learners when they are in a supportive and carefully structured learning environment. We know that students learn best when they are active and engaged in their learning experiences. We aim to get the right balance between rich, engaging, challenging learning opportunities with enjoyable, supportive experiences. In other words, we aim to work to the best of our ability, while having fun.

Last reviewed 20 May 2020
Last updated 20 May 2020