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Instrumental Music

Children in Year 5 and above can learn a woodwind, brass or percussion instrument. The instruments available are: flute, clarinet, saxophone, French horn, trombone, euphonium, bass guitar and percussion.

Children in Year 3 and above can learn a stringed instrument. The instruments available are: violin, viola, cello and double bass. 

All lessons are held for 30 minutes every week in school time.  Although lessons are free there are instrumental music contributions.  If your child borrows an instrument for their first year of learning the cost would be $75.00 to hire the instrument.  If your child uses their own instrument the cost is $50.00. Compared to private lessons this makes learning an instrument more affordable as lessons out of school range from $35.00-$45.00 per lesson.

Tuition is given in groups according to abilities and instruments.  Once students are technically ready they can join the string orchestra or band. Please note that if children are in the strings program they cannot also learn a band instrument.

We know there are many advantages to learning an instrument.  Playing a musical instrument: 

  • relieves stress,
  • gives a sense of achievement,
  • develops fine motor skills and coordination,
  • provides a means for self expression and promotes creativity,
  • teaches the importance of dedication, focus and practice.

For more information about our instrumental program please contact one of our instrumental teachers, Penny Hall or Kathtryn Payne.


In 2007, the Everton Park State School (EPSS) Cheerleading team consisted of 20 girls and 2 coaches, who with no previous experience, decided to try something new. 

Currently EPSS Cheerleading consists of 3 cheerleading teams with 80 girls. The teams include the Sharks, our competing team, the Reserves, girls from Grades 3-7 and the Pups, girls from Prep to Grade 2.

Each year, our Cheer team creates 2 routines (Cheer and Pom) and performs at several competitions.  Pom focuses on choreographed dance moves using pom poms, while Cheer involves stunts, lifts, formations and tricks.  The Pups and Reserve teams learn their own routines, developing their skills, while focusing on fun and exercise. 

Our Cheer team has seen much success over the years, starting with Encouragement Awards, through to winning a variety of placings (1st-4th) at different Regional and State competitions.  The most recent wins included 2nd (Pom) and 3rd (Cheer) places at the WCC Qld Spectacular in October 2012.  In 2011, we placed 8th in Australia, for our School Pom Routine. 

With the focus on fun and fitness, we finish with our final cry –

E.P.S.S – EP Cheersquad is the best!

For more information about our Cheerleeding team contact Kerry Rogers, Cheerleading Coach.

Religious Education


Religious instruction classes are available at the school.  These times for each class vary by year level, but all are held in school time between 9:00- 3:00.

The faith groups who provide approved instructors to deliver religious instruction are:

Arrangements for programs

Participating faith group/s

Program of instruction authorised by the faith group

 Single program


Godspace Aussie Bible Lessons -


Affiliated with the the Baptist churches of NSW and ACT. Nexus Church is an authorised church of the ACC (Australian Christian Churches


Students are allocated to these classes in accordance with the information provided on the completed Parent Notice for Religious Instruction forms (RIS-C1 and RIS-C2). This information remains operational unless the parent informs the school otherwise in writing.

Students who are not participating in religious instruction will undertake supervised school work in an alternate location. Parents of child/ren participating in these programs will be advised if a faith group requires funds to cover the expense of materials used by their child/ren.

For more information please contact the Religion Education Officer : Rian Roux             

email:      phone:  0422372472