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Pick Up and Drop Off Zones

Safety is our number one priority - safety for our children our teachers and our community. Unfortunately, we have had several instances of late where some drivers are not using the school pick up and drop off zones correctly.
Please take the time reacquaint yourself with these basic procedures with regards to dropping off and picking up your children. This is for everyone’s safety.
Loading zone (Drop off/Pick-up zone) - Deakin and Lyne Streets
Passenger Loading Zones allow you to set down and pick up your child and allow you to stop for two minutes. This should be enough time to help your child with luggage and seatbelts. You are not allowed to leave your car and go into the school.
How to use two minute zones:
ü  Use the zone like a quick moving taxi rank
ü  Move forward as space becomes available
ü  Ensure children watch for their ride and move promptly to the vehicle
ü  Load and unload passengers only at the head of the line
ü  Stay in the car unless loading/unloading baggage or passengers
û  Park for more than two minutes - you may be fined!
û  Leave the vehicle, except to help load or unload. This is an offence during the hours of operation
û  Reverse into the zone - you will put other children in danger.  Join the queue
û  Call children to the bottom of the queue or across the road
Alternative to doing a U-Turn on Deakin Street
If you are entering the school area via Barton Street, and would like to exit the same way – it is suggested you use the Lyne Street Drop Zone to drop off/pick-up your children.  This will avoid dangerous U-Turns in Deakin Street, decrease confusion and improve traffic flow.
The facts:
·         In Deakin Street it is an offence to cross the School Crossing solid white line.
132(2) Fail to keep left of centre dividing line- $212, 3 points.
This means if you perform a three point turn on Deakin Street and encroach on the school crossing then it is not only very dangerous but you are committing an offence.
·         Deakin Street and Lyne Street - 2 minute parking zone.
205(1) Disobey permissive parking sign (time) - $47.
·         Barton Street - no parking from 7am – 9am and from 2pm to 4pm.
168(1) Stop contrary to ‘NO PARKING’ sign - $47.