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Make May A..May..zing

​Make May A..May...zing

Building Strength, confidence and a positive vocabulary with your children is so important.

Every day for the Month of May try saying one of these positive things to your child, keep this on the fridge and check off each one as you use it, see if your child notices, they may take up the challenge and use these sayings on you or their siblings (Hey mum I just said ‘Very Creative’ to Jack). Alternatively they will be listening for which “Words of encouragement” they will get today.

This really pleases me
Exactly right!
I can see a lot of effort in this
You’re getting it now
That’s a good point
You’re on the right track
It looks like you put a lot of work into this
Thank you very much for this work
Superior Job
You certainly have learnt a lot about this
Much better
Congratulations. You got the work done.
Nicely Done
How impressive
You have quite an imagination
I like the way you are keeping at your work
WOW – I’m impressed
That’s quite an improvement
Good thinking!
Now you’ve figured it out
That’s a very good observation
That’s coming along very nicely
I am very proud of you
I appreciate your help
I couldn’t have done this without you
You really taught me something today
Very creative
Very interesting
Children watch your actions and listen to your opinions. So lead by example. Our Children deserve a balance of strength and composure, real emotions, empathy and support. They don’t expect friendship. They need to know their concerns will be heard and issues swiftly addressed. Be consistent in your expectations and responses and inject positivity and confidence.                    With your encouragement they will become the best “me” possible.