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Concepts of Print

Concepts of Print

When children are first learning to read, they begin to demonstrate reading behaviours.  Parents and carers often ask what these early reading behaviours, known as concepts of print are.  The concepts of print include:

Concepts of print
  • a book has a front and a back
  • a book has a right way up
  • books are read from front to back
  • a page is turned to reveal the next part of the book
  • the left-hand page is read before the right-hand page
  • print is read from left to right and a page is read from top to bottom
  • print is different from pictures
  • pictures support text
  • the concept of first and last can be applied to letters in a word or words on a page
  • spaces indicate boundaries of words
  • there is a match between spoken and written words (print is speech written down)
  • terms such as letter, word, sentence are different concepts
  • numerals and letters are different
  • print is constant
Conventions of print
  • punctuation marks (full stops and question marks)
  • upper and lower case letters
  • text organization (story has illustration and print, report has photograph and print)
Book terminology
  • title, cover, spine
  • different roles of author and illustrator
Reading to and with your child/ren every night is one of the best ways to track how they are progressing.